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Welcome to the Prenatal Yoga Institute

We offer professional trainings for aspiring prenatal yoga teachers and seasoned prenatal yoga teachers alike. The Prenatal Yoga Institute adheres to the highest standards of prenatal yoga training and education. We do this by offering the latest in perinatal research and childbirth education to insure teachers the safest and most effective ways to educate and inspire students.


We believe that prenatal yoga teachers are birth workers.
As birth workers, our goal is to achieve the best birth outcomes by offering classes that engage expecting mothers, while educating them on the full spectrum of benefits related to yoga.
We believe that prenatal yoga should be tailored specifically for the expecting mother, not just offer modifications.
We believe in inspiring teachers to offer the most comprehensive, anatomically accurate, safe, and educational classes.


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About the Founders

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Michelle Brady

Michelle Brady has been supporting families in the DC Metro area since 2009. Her work as a Baby Signs® started her on the path to serve mothers and their growing families, and in just a few years time, she was also teaching childbirth education and prenatal yoga.

Michelle’s skills span from the prenatal to postpartum period. Her in-depth knowlege and experience helps mothers have healthy pregnancies, natural births, healthy postpartum recovery, and happy babies and children. She is the ultimate resource for women and families. Some of Michelle’s services include:

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • Birth Doula
  • Childbirth Educator
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Inpatient Breastfeeding Specialist
  • Children’s Yoga Teacher
  • Babywearing Yoga
  • Itsy Bitsy Baby Yoga
  • Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor   

Michelle continues to work with doula clients as well as teach at the NoVa Natural Birth Center, Sibley Memorial-Johns Hopkins Hospital, and DC Jewish Community Center. Michelle is also the Prenatal & Postnatal Program Manager for the Washington Yoga Center. 

When Michelle isn’t working or teaching, she loves to spend time with her husband, Tom, and their three children. She enjoys reading, learning, and traveling with her family. 

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Dr. Andrino Flevotomos

Dr. Andrino Flevotomos is one of the premier Chiropractors in the DC metro area. Dr. Andrino is a Specific Chiropractor, utilizing a precise methodology to identify and treat patients and restore wellness. He has a deep understanding of biomechanics, particularly as it relates to the expectant mother. Dr. Andrino welcomes all patients, especially those apprehensive of visiting a Chiropractor. His calming nature and gentle approach facilitates relaxation and patient-centered care.

Dr. Andrino is a native of New York City, holding a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University. After graduating from Logan and completing post graduate studies at Palmer College, Dr. Andrino trained with some of the best Chiropractors in the world. Dr. Andrino is a gifted Prenatal Chirpractor, and named “Chiropractor of the Year” by Northern Virginia Magazine. He is also the only alternative provider recommended by the National Migraine Association. He has been recognized and honored for his service caring for the homeless and underinsured.

Dr. Andrino has been practicing both Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan for decades. He is a Reiki Master practitioner. He enjoys cooking, writing, composing and playing music, reading, and spending time with his wife, Chrysa.